Standardized and Scalable

Pathway’s standardized services were created to help companies with operations in Mainland China build better compliance programs, proactively identify risks, and effectively respond to urgent crises.

Multiple review centers and a team of trained analysts are based in-country for rapid deployment on large-scale projects and the most demanding cases. 

Our wide range of services were built specifically to address needs in China, especially in the context of applying global requirements and standards to local operations.


Evidence analysis to quickly identify key facts and documents

Proactive Monitoring

Near real-time identification of compliance red flags within your company’s systems

Cross-Border Data Transfer

Security assessments and screening for sending data out of Mainland China

Data Breach

Rapid, large-scale analysis to identify personal information and important data


Review for ediscovery matters and document productions

Information Governance

Data annotation and organization for more effective search, re-use, and retention

Contract Review

Identification of outliers; modifications to ensure consistency

Document Standardization

Creation of templates and clauses through analysis and leveraging technology