A Compliance Company Built for China

A Compliance Company Built for China

Compliance is a critical requirement for every company, but is still emerging as a field and still maturing internationally

Pathway was created to help drive the next era of compliance and push the industry forward through standardization and innovative technology












Based in Shanghai, and with multiple review centers in-country, our goal is to provide local solutions for every type of complex compliance challenge

Highly trained compliance professionals are ready to work on your next large-scale document review project or to design more effective and engaging custom products for your next-generation compliance program




With a focus on risks that are specific and unique to China, Pathway provides companies with standardized services and innovative technology to reduce those risks, manage crises, and create more efficient systems

Our managed review services are carefully designed by industry leaders to be the efficient path to high-quality and cost-effective results, both for prevention and remediation

Our innovative technology is being developed as highly customized solutions for compliance challenges in China in order to help companies achieve legal and ethical obligations

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